Back on the pitch: Real Madrid start preparing for next challenge


The familiar sight of white jerseys across the green turf of Real Madrid City signals the start of another week of training. After their last competitive tour, the players are back to work starting their preparations for the upcoming matches.

Sessions begin with a focus on physical conditioning. Under the watchful eye of the coaching staff, players engage in a series of drills designed to improve their cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. This initial phase was crucial, laying the foundation for the strategic exercises that followed.

As training progresses, the intensity changes from physical to tactical. Players are divided into teams, participating in drills that hone their passing accuracy, off-ball movement and pressing techniques. The coaches have carefully prepared various scenarios simulating the situations they might face during the upcoming matches.

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One of the most interesting parts of the session was when the players squared off in a mini-match on a small-sized pitch. This short playing field demands an emphasis on quick decision-making, tight control and short, intricate passing. The competitive spirit was evident as players battled for possession and showcased their individual skills.

The session ends with a series of high-intensity sprints pushing the players to their physical limits. This final burst of hard work ensured they were done training and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

While some players, such as Rudiger and Vinny Jr., continued their individual recovery programs, the rest of the squad took the opportunity to refine their game and build cohesion as a unit. The first training session of the week served as a reminder of the dedication, focus and unwavering pursuit of excellence that defines Real Madrid's pursuit of victory. As they prepare for their next challenge, the Real Madrid City team is committed to upholding the legacy of their illustrious club

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