Dragon ball super best fight

Determining the absolute "best" fight in Dragon Ball Super is subjective, as different fans prioritize varying aspects like animation, emotional impact, strategic depth, or pure spectacle. However, one fight consistently ranks highly and checks many boxes for a satisfying experience: Goku (Mastered Ultra Instinct) vs. Jiren (Episode 130).

This battle takes place in the Tournament of Power, a multi-universe martial arts competition where the losing universes face erasure. Goku, Earth's strongest warrior, faces Jiren, a seemingly unstoppable force from Universe 11, in a tense and strategic showdown.

The fight elevates itself through several factors:

Mastered Ultra Instinct: Witnessing Goku achieve this divine, autonomous fighting style for the first time is visually stunning. His movements become effortless and unpredictable, showcasing the mastery of this coveted technique.

Jiren's stoic power: Jiren's unwavering calmness and immense power create a compelling contrast to Goku's dynamic and emotional fighting style. Their clash highlights their contrasting approaches to combat.

Strategic depth: The fight isn't just about brute force. Goku, weakened from previous battles, relies on unorthodox tactics and utilizes his newfound Ultra Instinct's defensive prowess to outmaneuver Jiren.

Emotional weight: The fight carries the immense weight of the entire universe's survival, adding a layer of tension and raising the stakes significantly.

Animation quality: The animation in this fight is top-notch, showcasing fluid movements, impactful clashes, and dynamic camera angles that capture the intensity of the battle.

While other fights in Dragon Ball Super hold merit, the combination of innovative visuals, strategic depth, emotional weight, and high animation quality solidify Goku (Mastered Ultra Instinct) vs. Jiren as a contender for the title of "best fight" in the series for many fans.

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