Motorola Toughens Up: Gorilla Glass Now on All Phones


In a move promising enhanced protection for its smartphones, Motorola announced a significant shift in its material choices. Starting from the second half of 2024, all new Motorola devices will come equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass. This decision marks a significant change, as previously, Gorilla Glass was only featured in their higher-end models.

This transition signifies Motorola's commitment to "cutting-edge technology accessible to all." By incorporating Gorilla Glass across its entire smartphone portfolio, Motorola aims to deliver improved scratch and drop resistance to a wider range of consumers. This is particularly beneficial for their budget-friendly models, which often relied on less durable materials.

Gorilla Glass, a product of Corning Incorporated, has established itself as a leader in phone screen protection, renowned for its superior strength and scratch resistance. This transition signifies Motorola's confidence in Gorilla Glass's ability to enhance the overall user experience.

The specific type of Gorilla Glass used in each device remains undisclosed. However, during their announcement at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Motorola showcased Gorilla Glass 5 and the latest iteration, Gorilla Glass Victus 2. This suggests that Motorola might implement a tiered system, equipping higher-end models with the more advanced Victus 2 for even greater protection.

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This decision by Motorola comes amidst a growing trend within the smartphone industry. As smartphones become increasingly integral to our daily lives, the demand for durable and reliable devices continues to rise. By adopting Gorilla Glass across its entire product line, Motorola positions itself to cater to this growing demand and potentially gain a competitive edge.

While the long-term implications of this decision remain to be seen, it undoubtedly represents a significant shift for Motorola. The inclusion of Gorilla Glass across all devices signifies their commitment to offering robust and reliable smartphones to a broader audience. This move has the potential to not only enhance the user experience but also solidify Motorola's position in the ever-evolving smartphone market.

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