Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer Detained During Pro-Palestine Protest



Actress Hunter Schafer, best known for her role in the HBO series "Euphoria," was reportedly arrested on May 10, 2021, during a pro-Palestine demonstration in New York City.

The protest, organized by the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), aimed to call for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and took place outside NBC Studios, where President Joe Biden was scheduled to appear on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

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ccording to reports, Schafer was among roughly 50 individuals detained by the NYPD. The specific reasons for the arrests are unclear, although JVP confirmed Schafer's participation in the protest and praised her "commitment to Palestinian freedom and to a future of justice for everyone." Images from the event show Schafer wearing a t-shirt advocating for a ceasefire.

This incident sparked discussions on social media, with many expressing support for Schafer's activism and highlighting the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The arrest also brought renewed attention to the role of celebrities in advocating for social and political causes.

It's important to note that this event occurred in May 2021. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains a complex and sensitive issue, and it's crucial to approach any discussion with respect and understanding of the diverse perspectives involved.

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